Three Years of Writing.

I still can’t believe I reached a day where I could openly blog about this. Writing has opened so many new doors for me which I’m immensely grateful for. It has saved me from a lot of heartaches and made me truly understand what it’s like to be in someone else’s shoes.In the past 3…

When I’m Away

When I’m away,I feel that I can finally breathe. No burdens surround me,And nothing can weigh me down. When I’m away,I feel my true self returning.Even if it’s slow,I’m patient enough to know it’s worth it. ©ZeinaA.G

A quote I liked.

I came across this quote on Facebook and I’ve been thinking about it a lot. So I wanted to share here. I agree with this 100%. It has happened to me and it made me cringe. Saying, “Someone has it worse.” doesn’t make the pain go away and it doesn’t help. I’ve heard a lot…

A Child’s Heart-Short Story

I’ve been submitting this short story for contests for years now and it never won anything. I think it’s time to share it here and see what everyone thinks. Hope you like it! ♥ A Child’s Heart. With one loud “Bam” a life ended, her soul was setting off with the wind, as she caught…

An Old Post~Crossroads~

This is something I wrote in 2014 that I just discovered while looking through my old files. Hope you all like it. Crossroads Her night came like a raging storm, too swiftly and un-expectedly as she lays in her bed at night startled from a haunting nightmare. Shivers run down her spine as the air…

A Sign

I asked for a sign today,Something to keep me strong.At first it was a song on the radio that I dismissed as a coincidence.But the second one was so clear,And more beautiful than I ever imagined.It was a yellow butterfly that I’ve been wishing to see.It circled around me for few minutes,And then flew away…

20 Seconds of Courage.

Happy Sunday everyone,Have any of you ever tried this? If not what would your 20 seconds of courage be like??Would love to read all about it in the comments 😀 † †


Fear: It froze her,Made her overthink,Turned her into a tight knot, But with just one deep breath,The knot began to untangle,And somehow she knew,She was few more deep breaths away from freedom. ©ZeinaA.G


I’ve heard a lot of people describe others as sensitive,As if it’s a weakness. However, I’ve witnessed people harden from struggles.Toughen up and pretend that they’re strong,And that everything is okay,When their hearts are sinking. They grow that thick skin ,Until they can’t even see when others are struggling. That’s even worse than listening to…

300 Followers Milestone

Dear followers, Thank you for making this happen. I wouldn’t have made it this far without your love and support. I’m so lucky to know you all. Thank you for everything♥ xoxox ©ZeinaA.G