Power Of Nature.

When loneliness set in,It seeped so deeply into my soul,Making me wonder if things would ever get better. I kept asking myself, “Can I take another step forward?”And then in a moment of silence and solitude…Nature reminded me that even darkness has loopholes. ©ZeinaA.G

Photo #2

I love how the trees look connected.

HDR Photo

A photo I took yesterday, I love the outcome.

Walk Away.

How can I find myself if my emotions are too much for you and you’re talking to me just to be judgmental?How can I find myself if you’re in my life just waiting for me to fall?How can I find my self worth if you’re always putting me down?If my grieving heart is too much…

Self-Esteem issues.

I just wanted to share two incidents that have happened at my photography studio in the past month which have left me speechless. Few weeks ago, a lady was objecting over her 5 year old daughter’s photos. According to her the little girl’s ears were sticking out. I insisted that the ears were fine while…

It’s Okay!

It may seem like you have a hard shell,But I know it’s cracked on the inside. You can say whatever you want,Your words can be full of strength and perseverance,But I know that behind your brave words lies a broken heart. You can smile all want,And wear that brave face which makes people think you’re…


How many battles in life do you have to go through to win yourself back? ©ZeinaA.G


Maybe it’s time to embark on new adventures,And go our separate ways.Maybe it’s time to stop worrying about things I can never control. Time to see where these new adventures and unique roads would lead us… ©ZeinaA.G


Staring into what she thought was nothing but a blue color and a strong light. She watched it slowly morph into different colors,Transforming everything into a stunning silhouette on its way down. ©ZeinaA.G

Throwback- Facebook Memory

This showed up in my facebook memories 3 years ago ♥ A day before my grandfather’s funeral. My earliest childhood memories revolved around sending salutations to you on a video tape all the way to Australia. You gave the best piggy back rides, the best supermarket cart rides. You hated when I glued to you…