Where Angels Meet

I hope you’re at peace,And floating freely,In a place where sky’s the limit. I hope you know that we will never forget you,And your generous heart. I hope you’ve gathered all the love you’ve accumulated from this lifetime,And taken it to the place where angels meet. Dedicated to my mum’s uncle ♥ R.I.P Uncle Saleem.©ZeinaA.G

Starting Over.

At that time and place I belonged in their worlds. I belonged with their laughter and smiles,I wanted to protect them,So I belonged with every story and heartache. Now that my journey with them is finished,I know I belong somewhere else for a reason. I’m certain that if I got another chance,I would happily love…


There’s this deep voice that comes within. It often pushes you to take advantage of these rare twenty seconds of courage. It shows you the tiniest flicker of light when everything around you seems dark.It whispers a song of hope during troubling times. It guides you when you’re writing and allows you to empty the…

Just Go For It

For a long time her dreams lived in the dark,She was scared to shine a light on them,Then someone whispered, “Just go for it.”Since then she vowed to never let her dreams fade again. ©ZeinaA.G

I See You

There was a time in her life when she was lost,And terrified of the future. Then someone whispered, “I see you.”And that’s when she fearlessly found her way back. ©ZeinaA.G

Sunset Video

How’s everyone doing during the lockdown? I hope you’re all well. This is a video I took from the car a few days ago…Don’t worry I wasn’t driving. Couldn’t take a full video of the sun going down since we have a curfew now by 7:00p.m.I added the song from “Frozen2” The acapella version of…

About Friendship

Sometimes we shut the door on people who are trying their best to understand us. We lose them because we’re afraid to lose control. We’re afraid to break our own barriers and let them into the life we perfectly planned. We’re scared to admit that we lost control of who comes in through that door….

Forever Hope

She thought her heart was cracked beyond repair. It’s true that it would never be the same again, and that grieving the life she had will overshadow her sometimes. She’d never look back at a memory without crying a little. She’d never experience happiness, without worrying about things changing again. However, she never imagined the…

Happy Monday~Photo~

Sharing a photo of my bird “Sia”. She’s usually very skittish and shy, but a week ago she stood on my hand. So I guess the lockdown has some benefits. Do your pets keep you company during the lockdown? My birds will be kicking me out of the house soon.Hope everyone will have a safe…

Fix Her Crown Award

Thank you  https://tangietwoods.blog for the nomination. I’m honored that you thought of me and Congrats on your nomination. Please everyone visit her blog, https://tangietwoods.blog/ her posts are uplifting and inspirational. The rules are simple: Thank the person who nominated you and link to her blog.  Copy and paste these rules to your post. Post three…