Word Of The Year “2021”

My word for the year 2020 was:“COURAGE“ I’ve been thinking a lot about a word for 2021. “PEACE” has been circulating in my mind a lot. -To have peace from all the drama that has been happening in the past four months.–Inner peace with all the decisions I’ve made over the years.-To focus on the…

Cuteness Overdose💖

Sharing a little cuteness overdose. My 5 year old goddaughter has been obsessed with this song and now it’s officially stuck in my head.

#3- Each Time

Each time I gave you excuses my heart ached more than it should have,And now it feels like I’m picking up the pieces of my shattered heart. ©ZeinaA.G

I Stopped

I stopped protecting your heart when I discovered you were too bitter to care for mine ©ZeinaA.G


When I was a teenager I thought vulnerability was a weakness. I would shy away from my feelings because I feared that I’d get judged and pushed away.   As I got older I’ve learned to surround myself with people who appreciate vulnerability. People I could discuss my real feelings with and who wouldn’t run away. They’d…

That’s Life

You were so little when I nurtured you,And chased your demons away. I gave you my love and attention.I taught you everything I know so you could get by. We created a bond that I thought would last forever.A bond that wouldn’t change over time.A bond that I thought you cherished,That wouldn’t be broken from…

Discussion: Writing Schedule

Hi everyone!Hope you’re all doing well and staying safe.I’ve been wanting to discuss some stuff with all of you talented writers.Do you have a writing schedule? And if yes what’s it like?Do you get up in the morning and write? Or is there a golden hour that you have?I’d love to hear from all of…

Go Where The Love Is

I’ve gone too far from my own happiness,I’ve stretched myself until I felt numb,And I never realized how bad it was until I didn’t know who I was anymore.So starting now I’ll go where my heart leads me,And where I’m really appreciated.I’ll go where I can spread my wings,And where I don’t need to be…

Different Direction

You went in a different direction,So no matter how long and hard I think of how things should’ve been,Nothing will change. It’s time to be vulnerable,To admit that no matter how disappointed and hurt I feel,That’s the way things are. It’s time move forward,And hopefully find the peace I deserve.©ZeinaA.G

I Miss You♥

I miss your phone calls and the way you prepped for our visits on Sundays. I miss the way you greeted me when I went over to your house,Our Sunday lunches,And that smile which never left your face even when you heard me arguing with the rest of the family. I miss your voice when…