Rise Up.

I bet you would rise if you knew what was waiting right outside your window. You would move out of the shadows if you knew the next choice you make can change your entire world.  © ZeinaA.G

600 Followers -Blogger Milestone.

Thank you everyone for all the love and support. I never imagined to get this far here on wordpress. I’m super lucky to be surrounded by this wonderful community. To my followers please post a link of your most recent/ favorite personal blog post. If I haven’t read it yet I’d love to support you…

There Was a Time

There was a time in my life when I was terrified of losing you. It’s kind of sad that you took it for granted. As time passed it became clearer by the day, That there was nothing more I could’ve done to keep you by my side. Even though bridges have been burned,Knowing my heart…

You Know.

You know love is still there when a person crosses your mind. You shut your eyes for a moment and allow a memory to return. It’s so vivid that you can’t help but smile,And wonder if they’re thinking about you too. ©ZeinaA.G

Just a Little Longer.

You ask for a little more of my time each time I see you. “Just a little longer.” You always innocently say, And it’s a request that’s hard to refuse, Because I know the days fly by so fast. One day you won’t be this small anymore and you won’t be craving this time. So…


I don’t know why we call the hard things we go through, “Emotional Baggage.” Or a “Burden”As if it’s something we need to get rid of. What if we just acknowledged that at some point in our lives this was our true selves? And we didn’t know any better. We grow and learn every day,So…


Whatever way they decided to look at the situation, Or whatever narrative they chose to believe. It stopped mattering to her because she realized,Their inabillity to have compassion,Or to be empathetic enough to listen to her point of view,Was never her problem. ©ZeinaA.G

Some People.

I remember years ago when I encountered a loss as a teen. How much I needed totalk about it and how much I needed writing in my life. Not a lot of peoplearound me at the time understood why I needed to mention these memories. Therefore,they scared me into stopping what I was writing. What…

Deep Down.

Deep down I know you’re not allowing yourself to think about it,You’re just letting the days go by. Pretending life is perfect,And that you don’t have a care in the world. Because I know if you didn’t do this, You’d break down thinking about everything we’ve lost.©ZeinaA.G