Beautiful Days

There’s no denying that we had beautiful days, But I can’t keep forcing puzzle pieces into my life that don’t want to fit. I’ve outgrown the need to understand the other side, I simply want to move on,With a promise that there will be more beautiful days waiting for us.©ZeinaA.G


She’s always sitting on the sidelines,Waiting for her imagination to fully unfold,So she can catch a glimpse of her new characters. ©Zeina A.G


Sometimes I wish some moments would last forever,Because that would mean I could hold onto happiness, peace,And laughter for a little longer. Also, Grief wouldn’t know my name,Because I wouldn’t have to let you go.©ZeinaA.G

An Illusion

If I could just freeze time, So it wouldn’t have to pass this fast.If I could freeze that portion of time when I felt loved. If I could freeze that moment when we felt safe knowing we had each other,And that nothing could come between us. But I guess everything has an ending.It suddenly hit…

Discussion: Worst Writing Tip

Since we’ve already discussed “Best Writing Tip” I’m curious to know what’s the worst writing tip you’ve ever received? I think mine was:“Don’t dig too deep in your writing. People will know a lot about you… You’ll overexpose yourself even if it’s fiction.” Looking forward to read your answers. ©ZeinaA.G

Discussion: Protecting Your Writing Time

In the past two months, I’ve discovered the importance of protecting my writing time. I used to get distracted with my phone or social media. When I cut back on these habits I noticed that I’m more productive. I started with 30 minutes of no distractions and then it turned into hours. I was able…

A Good Heart

When you have a good heart you often get burnt, because you refuse to reply with the same cruelty you were faced with. Let’s face it some people will always see you as an easy target, because you have the ability to see things from their point of view. You have enough empathy and compassion…

Wildest Dreams

I know it’s necessary to protect ourselves,From people who try to poison our lives. The problem is most of these people are very close to us,And in disguise. Therefore, we miss the signs,We wear rose-colored glasses around our loved ones,That distorts our vision. I know what it’s like to lose people,Over such things,Because never in…

Meant To Be

I know people change,And you may see things differently in the future. When that happens you would’ve lost the old person that I was.The one who was constantly trying too hard,To keep everything together. I wouldn’t want to go back to square one,I would’ve let go,And moved forward with more positive experiences,Surrounded by loving people,Who…

Mother’s Day

To my grandmother: Even though it breaks my heart not to celebrate with you on Mother’s day , I know that your dreams came true this year. You’re celebrating with your daughter up in heaven. Through the years, while we were driving to the Mother’s day festivities you always mentioned my late aunt. You wanted…