Mother’s Day

To my grandmother:

Even though it breaks my heart not to celebrate with you on Mother’s day , I know that your dreams came true this year. You’re celebrating with your daughter up in heaven.

Through the years, while we were driving to the Mother’s day festivities you always mentioned my late aunt. You wanted to stay strong for her sake and make her proud. You handled everything brilliantly and made sure to celebrate all of her kids’ milestones. You wanted to make this day special as she would’ve wanted and you did for all of us.

I miss you so much this year and I’m constantly thinking of you. You have no idea how grateful I am that I had this extra one on one time with you. Those drives to the school were incredibly special and I always admired your strength during those times.

We always shed a few tears on this day, but because of you we also managed to smile. It was a special time, we were all together and that’s all that ever mattered to you.

So Happy Mother’s Day in heaven to you and my aunt/godmother♥ Love you both so much♥

My beautiful grandmother and late aunt♥

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  1. I’m sorry for you. I never even knew my paternal grandmother.

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    1. Ohh do you know the other side?? Never knew my paternal side either…My maternal grandparents were a huge part of my life though😁

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      1. I did know my other three grandparents. Both of my grandfathers have passed away.

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      2. Sorry for your loss🙏
        Happy Mother’s Day then to both your grandmas and mum😊

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