Stepping Away

I didn’t understand this picture right away, because it was too fresh at the time. Since I was sixteen I’ve fought to make things right when I was in the middle of chaos. So when chaos happened again recently, it was weird to leave relationships that I’ve worked so hard to maintain. It broke my…


She thought their bond was everlasting and special,But it suddenly ended,Because their friendship was traded with gossip. ©ZeinaA.G

Your Return

After all these years and everything we’ve been through,I never thought I’d be the one not believing you,Or the promises you make. Your return has come with a price,That I’m not willing to pay for this time. ©ZeinaA.G

It Starts

It starts with a sensation,Something like a hunch,To stop what you’re focusing at,And to search some place far. You catch the captivating sight,Of the waves crashing at your feet just in time,And then it unfolds into a beautiful picture. You hear laughter,And then they appear,But you know it’s just a dream,Because some moments are just…

She Would’ve Been

She would’ve been the person who would say, “YES” to hiking,Or an impromptu swimming trip. She would’ve been the first to start a pillow fight, And the first to initiate a water balloon fight. She would’ve ignored the mess we made,Especially if it meant she made a new memory with us. She would’ve been the…

The Years

The years may have rolled by very fast for themSome of it may have been a blur. But I was aware of every move,I cared and loved deeply.And that’s what makes my tomorrow a little brighter.©ZeinaA.G

Fresh Start

It’s time for a fresh start, Time to leave the past behind. It’s time to carry the positive moments with me,To make the present moments magical,And hold them close to my heart. It’s time to love the people around me,To be in the moment,And remember that life is short. Everything goes by fast,And time is…