The thing about loving people who are close to us:Sometimes we’re not honest with our feelings, Because we can’t believe other people’s actions towards us. We live this perfect life, Completely in denial, Because we believe they would act better. We can’t believe they’re really after us to cause harm,Because we would never hurt them…

First Step

When you’re constantly disappointed,And things aren’t working out. You can choose to move forward,And leave everything behind. It may seem like a simple decision,To leave all the heartache behind. The hard part is that you can’t choose who to love, And that’s why it’s always tough to take that first step.©ZeinaA.G

Be Loyal

She wanted to be loyal to her heart,So she stopped holding back,And let her words flow. As the layers of denial started peeling away,She found there was a lot more going on,Than her words described. She stopped pretending as if she wasn’t angry at them,And that their lies didn’t hurt her. That was the only…


Sometimes our final act of love is to allow life to teach them,That cruel words and actions,Can push the closest people away. ©ZeinaA.G

The Promise

It was just like yesterday that she made a secret promise to herself. She held onto it proudly for years, until it became like torture. She followed through it’s highs and lows. Even though it disappointed her, she never allowed herself to see how that disappointment affected her daily life. If she did she would’ve…

Writer’s Block

They told her to write from the heart, she had heard it a million times, but she had her doubts thinking it was useless. They told her to dive in deep and just allow her words to exist on the paper. She always thought her terrible words failed her, when in reality it was just…


We can spend our entire lives trying to mend what’s broken. Or trying to figure out what went wrong but it’s no use. Heartbreak is complicated and there’s no right or wrong. As time goes by, our scars remind us of what we’ve been through. It triggers fear which is just like grief, it comes…

Float Away

Sometimes the memories hit hard,That she can barely breathe. Sometimes she wants to go back,To the way things were. Then she sees all the beautiful moments waiting ahead,And all the bad memories just float away.©ZeinaA.G


We fight so hard to gain it,Fearing we would lose it any minute. We fight so hard to keep it,Unaware that when it slips out of our hands,We learn the power of letting go.©ZeinaA.G