One Day.

You’ll try to forget, to shake it off. Especially when their memories spring into your mind. You may be angry that you still love them because it’s something that will keep happening without your permission. You’ll be angry because you let stuff slide. However, there’s no way you can control your emotions and ignoring them…

For So Long…

You may have put yourself aside while you thrived to protect others. Since you’re all alone now with nobody holding you down. Maybe it’s time to believe in yourself and fly.©ZeinaA.G

#5-Each Time

Each time the dark moments eluded her into thinking it was the end,A spark of light would enter through the tiniest cracks,Bouncing from corner to corner,Illuminating her world ,While chanting a tune full of hope. ©ZeinaA.G


She felt lost,Thinking she was trapped in a world that didn’t understand her,Turns out all she needed was space,And the freedom to feel her emotions. ©ZeinaA.G

Her Silence

A painful time in her life got a million times harder,From the gossip she kept hearing. It was brutally insensitive,And completely unnecessary. She felt a huge loss for words,Nothing could describe the hurt she felt in her heart. Her silence wasn’t a surrender,It just reflected her huge disappointment in the people around her. ©ZeinaA.G

We Write

Sometimes we write to make sense of the ordeals we’ve been through. We write to get our real words out, To describe the pictures we’ve taken in our minds,Of moments that will never come back. We uncover some of the bad feelings we’ve had for inspiration, Because it makes us reconsider how we survived and…


Sitting with uncertainty may feel overwhelming, even daunting at times.But the heart feels more confident and at ease when it’s aware of your deepest vulnerabilities. ©ZeinaA.G


I saw this quote today and I can’t lie that it hit me deep. It’s a different kind of sadness when people change and turn on you because we can’t understand what would make them act this way. How can someone you’ve spent years with end up being a stranger who doesn’t see or accept…

Who Knew….

Who knew that after everything we’ve been through together,All the memories and love would be tainted by your betrayal. ©ZeinaA.G