Has anyone ever been in a situation like this?? Do you agree?? Curious to know😁

She Was Back…

She was back where she belonged,In the silence. Not to reminisce in the memories,But to allow her words to form,And release the darkness that was haunting her.©ZeinaA.G


You were so cherished that I was ready to forgive and let go of the things you said. But as time went by the truth of your betrayal sank deeper into my heart. Even though I love you deeply, and I swore never to take a moment with you for granted, the truth made me…

Presenting: “Magpie Reviews”

Welcome back to WordPress my friend 😊 looking forward to read your reviews. HELLO LOVELIES! I MISSED YOU! I don’t know how to do this. For the past five (5) years, all I’ve been doing on this blog is writing poems, stories and promoting bloggers and newbie writers. I’ve suffered a massive writer’s block this…

The Good Days

Even on the good days the losses I’ve endured are still somewhere in the back of my mind. They unfold as seasons change . That’s when our memories come forward, vividly making me feel vulnerable, because change reminds me that I’m moving forward without you. ZeinaA.G

The Biggest Lie

The biggest lie she ever told herself was that people returned into her life for a reason and that it was meant to be. Truth is if they really cared they wouldn’t have left in the first place. ©ZeinaA.G


I’ve been avoiding writing this for so long because it hurts to think about the bitter way things ended. It hurts to think that I would be betrayed by two people who meant a lot to me. The people whom I’ve always had their backs and I would’ve done it a million more times probably…