You were so cherished that I was ready to forgive and let go of the things you said. But as time went by the truth of your betrayal sank deeper into my heart. Even though I love you deeply, and I swore never to take a moment with you for granted, the truth made me realize that things needed to change.

It was drastic and sometimes I felt like I didn’t know who I was anymore. But I couldn’t go back to the hurt and to the way things were. Your words left me speechless because I couldn’t change your mind.

Just because I cherished you doesn’t mean you could get away with crushing my heart and soul. Even people with the best intentions get tired of explaining themselves.

So I’m moving forward with an intention to protect my heart no matter what. As more time goes by I’m learning that I was thrown away very easily so you could take sides. That’s why no matter what happens next I just know things can never be the same again.


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