Photo-Byblos Port

Photos taken in Lebanon of Byblos’s fishing port. Hope you like themđź’–

The Forgotten.

Sometimes she was okay, the days passed easily without a trace of the past coming through. On other days a memory from one photo was enough to break her. So she took down the memories. The photos of them smiling, hugging, and having fun. It was difficult to walk past those photos every day and…


Someday all the poison they put into your mind will wear off,You’ll wake up one day feeling empty,Your world will suddenly feeling lonely and cold. I wonder if your pride will let you reach out?Or if we’ll remain like this forever ©ZeinaA.G

Your Spirit

Your spirit has aimed right at my heart. It has modestly sat in silence….Watched me quarrel with my fears…You are the only one who has seen me smile through my tears. ♡♥ ©ZeinaA.G

Christmas Memories

I remember soaking it all in during Christmas school parties. I always wanted to be with you during my cousins’ school events. You were so proud to introduce me as your granddaughter. I remember you telling me how lucky you felt to be there for them, but I was even luckier to share these moments…


It’s the sob which gets stuck in your throat that you can’t really swallow. It’s the tear that forms in the eyes which keeps burning. It’s the smile that never leaves your face because you’re scared that someone may notice you’re unhappy. It’s all from the disappointment that never seems to heal because it’s barely…


It was hard for me not to intervene, to be the silent watcher. Your actions broke my heart and shocked everyone around me. It broke every shred of the good memories we had together. Everyone keeps telling me I’ve done my best, but why doesn’t it feel this way?  Why does it feel like I…