500 Words per day

In February I opened James Patterson’s Masterclass again for inspiration. I followed his method in logging in write 500 to 1K words per day.

Here are some photos of my schedule.

As you can see in the photos some days I could only reach around 200 words, but knowing I needed to write 500 the next day inspired me to research the story even more.

I was hoping to make it up to 50 K by the end of April but  some chapters needed editing, so I made it to 42K words.

I’m sharing here on WordPress in case someone wants to try it. I experimented with a lot of flash fiction to get out of my writer’s block.

So far I have three point of views which I’m hoping to expand into a novel.

I’m on a short break now to clear my head but hoping to return to this schedule soon and reach 50k words.


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  1. Bridgette says:

    I love daily writing goals and find them super useful. I am writing 52 short stories this year and have found it the biggest move forward I’ve experienced yet in terms of defining myself as a writer and sheer written words. It’s challenging me in so many ways.

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    1. 52 short stories? Wow! That’s an incredible writing goal!
      How many have you written so far?

      Do you also feel isolated when you’re working very hard on your writing?

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      1. Bridgette says:

        I’m on week 18! It’s been challenging and rewarding. Some stories come like a breeze and others fight me like a wind storm.

        I have teenagers and I watch my 3-year-old nephew a few days a week, so no space to feel isolated. I really have to stay up super late to keep my deadlines. I do let a lot of things go though and haven’t had much time for my friends.

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      2. This is inspiring to know. Week 18 and how many short stories so far?
        Are they longer than 2K words? Once I wrote one for 5K it was exhausting lol

        Besides immediate family and the important stuff that really need our attention I feel that I’m letting go of a lot of stuff. (Also friend dramas, which isn’t so bad after all …lol)
        But I’m sure the result will be amazing!

        Before I started this challenge I was on the verge of quitting and I never knew I could write a first draft in 3 months.

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      3. Bridgette says:

        I’ve written one a week. They range from 1,500 to 4,000 words.

        Letting go of things that don’t serve you is so important!!

        Keep writing. Sometimes when it gets hard it means we are leveling up and about to get much better.

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      4. One short story per week is great! 🤞🤞Are you working on a series to submit somewhere??

        It became super hard in the past week and I completely agree with you about ‘leveling up’ because it happened when I began to dig deeper into my story.
        I started working on the story timeline. Having dates in the story is making it easier to expand the plot.

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      5. Bridgette says:

        I’m going to put together a short story collection, mixed with poetry, and self publish it next year. It’s going to be my first book. Then I’ll refocus my energy on my three manuscripts in the works and I have an idea for a poetry book.

        A timeline is a great way to keep track of things. A perfect example of this is the Harry Potter books-they all begin right before the start of school and end at the end of school. It has an established rhythm that makes it easy to move from month to month within the framework of the story.

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      6. That’s great!! A series of short stories is part of my future goals too.

        Will you be publishing on Kindle? Or another platform?

        That’s a great eye opener about Harry Potter books. I’ll add it to my writer’s notebook 😀 I just made a workbook specialized for the new novel. The timeline is on the first page, even before the outline 😀

        Good luck! Keep up the great work! ♥

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      7. Bridgette says:

        I’m not sure where I’ll be publishing it, but I do know I want a hard copy. Probably Amazon.

        Thank you! Same to you!

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      8. I tried Kindle publishing for a short story.
        It was a nice experience but the problem is that it’s not available in some countries mine included.. even though they say it’s supposed to be international.


  2. Eugenia says:

    I admire you for your determination. Keep going!

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      1. Eugenia says:

        Most welcome!

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