The Reunion

She sat in the café watching people randomly take their coffees and leave. There was no sign of the person she was waiting for yet. She stared at the clock and tried to shut out the noise from the teenagers in the corner. Her stomach churned from nervousness over the awaited arrival. Was this a trick? Or was it real? They had disagreed on so many things in the past few years, so she couldn’t help but wonder, “Would there be a fight once they got together?” 

Ten minutes passed and there was no sign of the person. She ran into a friend and couldn’t get herself to say who she was waiting for. That’s the weird part about being estranged for years. She didn’t dare mention her name or give the person an identity until she made sure the reunion was real.

However, as soon as the person stepped into the cafe her nervousness lifted. She saw all the forbidden flashbacks and memories that she hadn’t allowed her heart to dive into for almost two years. Tears stung her eyes, as they smiled at each other. Once she saw the happiness on that person’s face the burden of the past immediately lifted. 

They hugged and she felt complete. For the first time in months she admitted that her baby was finally home again. ♥



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